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2011-12 Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: John Caprio

Here's some math for you on this beautiful All Saints Day:  Kim Kardashian reportedly received $18mm for that wedding to Kris Humphries.  The marriage lasted 72 days, which equates to approximately $250,000 per day, and nearly $10,500 per hour.  That's Eliot Spitzer money right there.  Today our player profiles engine keeps running with a look at John Caprio.

Look Back:
As a walk-on, Caprio played sparingly last year. He played in four contests (Tulane, Utah St, Loyola (MD), and St. John's) and only totaled six minutes of playing time in those blowout wins.  Caprio scored a total of 2 points, both coming from the freethrow line against St. John's.  And they were pretty.

Some might wonder why we bothered to include John in our player preview series.  However, despite limited on the court contributions last year, Caprio like other walk-ons before him plays a valuable role on the team.  While Caprio is not expected to take on a leadership role like walk-on Ryan Dougherty did last year, he provides a valuable asset as a practice player and teammate.  It is through the effort of walk-ons like Caprio pushing the starters in practices and behind the scenes that allows teams to reach their full potential.

Projection (Cynical): With a younger team around him, Caprio gets even less playing time then last year as the team does not manage any blowout victories that allow him the chance to get into the game. Though he averaged ten minutes a game on the China tour, he'll be lucky to get ten minutes all season.

Projection (Delusional): In China, Caprio recorded an impressive Offensive Rating of 122.2, the third highest on the team. He also had the highest percentage of possessions used and took the highest percentages of shots when he was on the court, perhaps signs that Caprio is indeed ready to contribute on the court. Caprio will still be a little used reserve, but he shows progress and cracks double digit points on the year as he takes advantage of every moment of game action he sees.