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2011-12 Georgetown Hoyas Player Profiles: Jabril Trawick

I'd like one of those 'Team Trawick' shirts. via
I'd like one of those 'Team Trawick' shirts. via

Our hard-hitting player profiles for the 2001-12 Georgetown Hoyas continues today with Jabril Trawick.  

Look Back: When Hoyas fans first became aware of Jabril Trawick, he was viewed as a Jerrelle Benimon type prospect who the Hoyas would snatch up in the spring if better options did not avail themselves. However, Jabril did not waste any time changing that outlook.  The first Georgetown commit in the class of 2011, few if any had predicted he would have as much of a positive impact as he has appears to have had on the team before the Hoyas have played a single game.

Expectations: Dubbed a late bloomer, Jabril's play in Kenner League, coupled with his infectious defensive toughness and domination of twitter have ramped up expectations for the scrappy guard from Philly. Trawick is viewed as the first guard off the bench for the upcoming season and expected to spell Markel Starks at the point. He is a great athlete who slashes and bulldozes his way to the rim while giving 100% on the defensive end.

Projection (Cynical): Despite all his toughness and bravado, Jabril just might not be ready yet. His jump shot is not a major threat and it will take him awhile to fully grasp John Thompson's system. He is not a true point guard so the offense stagnates when he replaces Markel, and his competitiveness gets the better of him at times which leads to poor decision making.

Projection (Delusional): Jabril is a breath of fresh air, injecting defensive intensity and toughness to the team. He fills a major leadership gap and his energy will motivate this team into playing the best defense since the 2008 Hoyas.  An incredible athlete capable of throwing down massive dunks (beginning at 0:34), he provides Georgetown with a guard who can penetrate into the heart of the defense and finish through contact. The team adopts his swagger and never say die attitude, and becomes one of the tougher teams in the Conference.  Jabril plays a vital role on the 2011-2012 Hoyas and for years to come.