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John Thompson III Opens Up at Georgetown's Open Practice

Usually the annual Hoya Hoop Club "Open Practice" involves a few banal statements from the coach and then fans watch in amazement while the team runs through layup lines.  This year, however, John Thompson III used the Open Practice forum to answer a number of questions from the Georgetown fans and offered some very un-Georgetown like revealing answers.

Here are some quick hits:

On Syracuse and Pitt - Georgetown will consider scheduling both out of conference, but the Syracuse game is more important.

On Georgetown's facilities: Georgetown has inferior facilities, the worst in the Big East.

On a possible game against Maryland: It will be easier to schedule now. 

On freshmen starters:  Could happen.  The freshmen will play big minutes this season.

For more on the above and other comments on all of the freshmen, an update on Moses Ayegba's knee injury, some highlights from the layup lines, and documentation of the breakfast spread check the Casual Twitter Feed.

And of course, what would any post about practice be without an ode to Allen Iverson.

Happy Saturday.