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Weekend Update: Lot of Talk, Nothing Substantive on Big East Expansion

Conference musical chairs is still dragging on and I have gotten tired of trying to hypothesize which draconian scenario will not lead the complete implosion of Georgetown Basketball.  Instead I am just going to dump a list of links and wait for the music to stop.

Georgetown Athletic Facility Needs More Work, Waterfront Project Ekes By - Georgetown, DC Patch
The Old Georgetown Board, a generally deliberative body, passed through several large development projects Thursday, offering both exacting critique and quick approval, depending on the project. The Capella brand hotel planned for 31st Street made it through with high marks, but the Georgetown University athletic facility was sent back to rethink the design a bit more. (h/t: Bunk Moreland)

The Case Against "Catholic League Basketball:
Fewer TV appearances means less visibility, less recruiting, less interest. Whether we like it or not, TV drives this bus. With revenues of $10 million a year in men's basketball within the Big East, is Georgetown prepared to see its basketball revenues cut by 20% in the process?

Big East leaders discuss conference expansion, according to report - ESPN
Notre Dame competes in the Big East in everything except football and wants very much to remain an independent in that sport. But if the Big East were to collapse, that could force the Fighting Irish to join a conference.

Boise State Is the Latest Big East Expansion Target - Big East Coast Bias
It took long enough, but we finally have the rumor that people have been waiting on: Boise State is the latest expansion target. According to a Big East official who wanted to remain anonymous the Big East is working on a plan to bring Air Force, Navy and Boise State into the Big East as football only members. 

Calipari Has Been Obsessed with Pitino for Years - Card Chronicle
Let's take a look back at just some examples of Calipari's long-standing fixation with Pitino. The complete list is too long for this note. Here are some of the more memorable Calipari bites: