From my SU buddy's alumni message board - LOVE IT.

Classic Georgetown. I've highlighted the key part below.

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Katherine Hatch sent a message to the members of SU in DC Alumni Club.

Subject: Georgetown Ticket Update - latest info as of 1/4/11

Since the Syracuse/Georgetown men's basketball game is the most popular event by far for Syracuse alums in the area, the SU Alumni Club of Washington, DC has always bought a large group of tickets for the Georgetown basketball game vs. Syracuse. We have been in touch with Georgetown ticket sales as well as the Verizon Center for months, and we were told that we could expect tickets to be available on January 3rd when individual tickets were to go on sale via Ticketmaster. We've received lots of questions about the tickets, and while there's not much to share we want to keep our members up to date.

We have been in contact with Verizon Center Group Sales as late as this morning (1/4/2011). They are as upset as we are that individual and group ticket sales have been delayed by Georgetown (they make money off the group sale to us). They indicated to our Club representative that when tickets are released that we will be the only group that will get tickets, and those tickets will be ready the day they are released. They just don't know when that will be.

But they believe there will be tickets released since they don't feel the building is as close to a sell-out as has been rumored. More proof of this is that Georgetown is waiting until January 18 to offer students tickets to the Syracuse game, with a limit of 4/student. That means there are literally thousands of tickets still not sold if they can guarantee 4/student.

Ticket brokers do have tickets available at above face value for the game. And Georgetown itself is offering up to 8 tickets/person for a minimum $25 donation on top of the price of tickets. While the $25 "donation" only increases the price/ticket $3, we don't feel it is in the best interest of the Club to "donate" at least $2500 to the Georgetown Athletic Department to get "blocks" of tickets as small as 2 together.

Especially since Georgetown is now 1-2 in the Big East conference after their loss to St. Johns last night!

That is it for now. Thank you for you interest, ideas, and information on the Georgetown ticket situation. We understand the loyal following that Orange basketball has and want to offer tickets as much as you want to buy them.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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