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Sleeping With The Enemy: The Red Storm of St. John's PART DEUX

Think back to January 3, 2011.  It was a Monday, the new year had just arrived, and Georgetown fans were full of hopes and aspirations.  Then came a soul-crushing loss to St. John's in Madison Square Garden.  Since then, things done changed, if I were to quote the late, great Notorious B.I.G.  Yet, after a nice two game winning streak in the swamps of Jersey, and a long eight day layoff, the Hoyas face St. John's in the Verizon Center tomorrow with a chance to climb back to .500 in the Big East.  For now, let's delve into our second round of questions with the newly branded Rumble In The Garden, the world's preeminent St. John's blog.  Rumble, this Diet Pepsi is for you.

That was a tough game to watch (Via Creative Commons License)

Let's get right down to it.  Since the game against St. John's on January 3, Georgetown hasn't been the same.  What do you think happened during that game that railroaded Georgetown?

I have no idea. They couldn't shoot well, and they couldn't force turnovers (while making some offensive mistakes).  Maybe they were too passive on defense, not battling enough?  They have some real issues with defensive rebounding and being pesky on defense. But I think they miss having a good facilitator in the middle, still.

Right now it looks like Pittsburgh, Villanova, Syracuse and Connecticut are going to be top 4 in the conference.  Will anyone emerge from the middle of the pack to challenge them?

I'm not completely sure about Connecticut, but they get the benefit of the doubt.  I think Louisville will be a real pest near the top of the standings this year.  Other than that, I don't see much competition for the top 4 in the league, unless either Notre Dame or Marquette improve their defenses drastically and go on a tear.

Three weeks ago, you seemed very happy with Steve Lavin.  Are you still feeling the same?  Better?  Worse? 

I am an even-keeled fellow.  Once I decided I was on board with Lavin, I'm in for a few years.  What's happened in the last few weeks is a combination of tough opponents and limited talent; this is, to be honest, a pretty good season so far.  I would love to see the team knock off some good squads and be in good position for a tournament berth when the conference tournament comes around, but I can't feel worse about the coach and his staff.

Big week for St. John's.  On Wednesday they travel to DC to play Georgetown and then home against Duke on Sunday.  Any chance you are feeling more confident against Duke than Georgetown?


BWAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Casual note: this isn't nice)

oh, the tears. Oh, man.

Duke has lost one game to the inhumanly long Florida State Seminoles. They are blessed with height. I have a lot more confidence in the johnnies beating the Hoyas than the team knocking off Duke.  Mind you, I don't know that St. John's will beat the Hoyas this time around, but I am not holding my breath for a win on Sunday. It could happen. But I won't bet on it.

True or false.  St. John's will make the NCAA Tournament.

Crystal ball says: check back later.  Right now, I lean to no, just because I think they REALLY needed the Cincy game; if they can knock off Cincy and Marquette on the road, I will say they're in, assuming wins over Seton Hall, Rutgers, South Florida, and DePaul, none of which are givens. Or if they knock off Georgetown.

St. John's had a tough loss against Cincinnati over the weekend.  What went wrong at the end of the game? 

The same thing that went wrong all game - missed free throws. That was unbelievable. So many misses on 1 and 1s.

Are you a Jets fan?  If so, how are you feeling?  Do you fire Brian Schottenheimer?

I am a Jets fan!  I feel like that's what I expected.  I have seen 2 or 3 other AFC championship games with the Jets (I barely remember the 83 game) and all I know is that those games get me drinking. I don't expect them to win.  When they do make the Super Bowl, I'll be ecstatic, I'll scare my neighbors, I'll be insane. But until then, I accept that deep playoff runs make for nice seasons, and I won't discount that. 

Schotty... people rip on him, and I think he needs to get his play calls in faster.  But I think he gets a decent amount out of the offensive team.  Considering that Sanchez isn't that consistent and considering that Braylon Edwards' mental game at receiver is really lacking.  Drag the feet, fool! Catch the ball in your chest, fool! Sometimes he is awesome. Sometimes, he's brain-dead.

Packers or Steelers, who are you picking?

Steelers. I would love to see Charlie Batch finish the game, though.

Are any of the Red Storm seniors going to be playing in the NBA next year?

No. Maybe in a few years.  But likely not.

Better toupee - Gene Keady or Dom Capers?

Keady! It's a classic, and comes with good stories.

How do you see this game playing out?

I'm not really sure.  I think the Red Storm can do a lot of the same things that they did last time, but I think they had better shoot better - the Hoyas looked out of sync last time, and I noted a few times when Austin Freeman could have launched a jump shot that probably would have gone in.  I expect to see a more aggressive Freeman and some extended defensive pressure from the Hoyas... other than that, unsure.  I think the Hoyas win at home.  But I think it'll be close.