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Syracuse Fans Whining Because Georgetown Selling Georgetown Tickets to Georgetown Fans

The internet has been abuzz lately because of some perceived conspiracy by the Georgetown Ticket Office against Syracuse fans to sell tickets for the Syracuse-Georgetown game at the Verizon Center to Hoya fans and donors.  That's right folks, Syracuse fans are crying because Georgetown is selling Georgetown tickets to Georgetown supporters.  How about that for taking the entitled and privileged slander Cuse delinquents hurl at Georgetown students and alumni and turning it on its head.  For some reason, fans of our prison-orange clad rivals from the North feel deserving of limitless tickets to an opposing team's arena and are littering the internet with nonsensical babble and whines because they can't get what they want.

Here is a very refreshing dose of blue and gray reality to clear up a lot of the misinformation and misrepresentations out there.  IT IS A GEORGETOWN HOME GAME.  It is also the final home game of the season, Senior Day for local products Chris Wright, Austin Freeman and Julian Vaughn, and a winter alumni weekend for out-of-town Hoyas.  Given these facts, Georgetown offered students, alums, donors and supporters first bite at tickets and now there are no single-game tickets remaining for public sale.  There are, however, tickets available through the Syracuse Ticket Office, but they aren't on sale yet.  So what do Cuse fans do instead?  Blame Georgetown for selling tickets to its own fans, of course.

(More Mocking Cuse Entitlement After the Jump)

What makes the Orange whines even more amusing is the fact that this is not the first time Georgetown has promoted a game in this fashion.  It employed the same strategy for the Duke game last year and by all accounts it was a resounding success as the game sold out before tickets went on sale to the general public.  This is the first time, however, that opposing fans have not been able to comprehend the main issue at the heart of this fabricated fiasco (bolded and capitalized throughout this post) and instead cried and whined to no avail.  Last year, ticketless Duke fans watched the game on TV.  This year, Syracuse fans are considering picketing Georgetown and forging emails from Georgetown area residents to the DC Government that oppose Georgetown's campus expansion plan (just a mild case of self-importance here).

The Syracuse Club of DC is upset because Georgetown is ruining its "most popular event by far for Syracuse alums in the area."  IT IS A GEORGETOWN HOME GAME.  Boo hoo for you for making your most popular event something that Georgetown controls.  Why not take a road trip back to upstate New York since, as our friends at TNIAAM point out, there are seats available for the Georgetown game in Syracuse on February 9th?      

Thankfully, this uproar by a desperate fan base is a Syracuse problem, and I can just sit back, tickets in hand, and laugh at the pitiable comments, flawed comparisons, and biased and incorrect second-hand information being passed off as Cuse delinquents gripe, make T-shirts, and eventually watch the game at Sign of the Whale.

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