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Georgetown Basketball Ranked #25 In ESPN Power Rankings

In ESPN's most recent version of its Power Rankings, the fightin' Hoyas have come in at #25. 

Here is what was written by Dana O'Neil:

Road wins over Rutgers and Seton Hall earned the Hoyas consecutive victories for the first time since before Christmas. A more difficult Big East stretch awaits.

I am so excited for a more difficult stretch, this Big East season has been too easy and I'd like something more challenging for Georgetown.

After The Jump, those who did not rank Georgetown will be listed from least to most hateable. 

The following seven voters did not include Georgetown in their top 25, therefore we must hate them for doubting our favorite team.

7.  Jay Bilas

Hard to hate the best college basketball analyst this country has to offer.  He has always been very fair in his evaluations of Georgetown.

6.  Jason McCallum

Dude does research for ESPN, and they do a really nice job of giving us statistics to read.  I also really enjoyed Stump The Schwab, and he was a former research dude.

5.  Andy Katz

He consistently does great work as one of ESPN's best reporters.  Also a member of the tribe with Casualhoya.

4.  Mark Schlabach

Not sure who this guy is, so he is tough to fire up the hate engine against. 

3.  Dana O'Neil

Notorious Villanova homer makes her relatively hateworthy, but she has done a nice job since moving over to the Worldwide Leader.

2.  Jay Williams

Dookie.  Not a good analyst.  Also ruined my fantasy basketball keeper team when he threw himself off his motorcycle.

1.  Doug Gottlieb

Who else could it possibly be?

In all fairness, those are some pretty quality analysts who do not believe we are one of the top 25 teams in the country.  Then again, what does it really matter?  It's January and there is PLENTY of season to go.