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Bracketology Roundup: Georgetown's Seed Sinking Fast

Before we delve into the most recent bracketology, let us remind ourselves it is January.  No championship is won in January, and Georgetown still has two thirds of its Big East schedule left.  That said, seeding in the NCAA Tournament matters, and Georgetown has gone from a #2 seed as of January 1, 2011 and is now floundering around a #6 seed on January 18, 2011.

Although our seed is sinking quickly, even the most pessimistic about the Hoyas, ESPN's Joe Lunardi, says:

 "Let's put the top eight -- the Pittsburgh Panthers, Syracuse Orange, Connecticut Huskies, Villanova Wildcats, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Louisville Cardinals, Georgetown Hoyas and West Virginia Mountaineers -- in the field. All have tournament odds at 85 percent or better at this point."

After The Jump, see Georgetown's seeding amongst the interweb's foremost bracketologists.

ESPN Bracketology: 

#7 seed facing Georgia in Tuscon, Arizona.

SB Nation Bracketology:

#6 seed facing Virginia Tech in Tuscon, Arizona.

SI Bracket Watch:

#5 seed facing Missouri State in Denver, Colorado

If there is anything to be gleaned from this information, it is that Andy Glockner of SI is a genius and Joe Lunardi of ESPN knows NOTHING.  Except for when he says Georgetown has better than 85% odds to make the Big Dance.