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The Casual Awards: The Pitts

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
And I'm feeling good AWFUL

There's nothing much left to to say that hasn't already been said here, here and here after that performance by Georgetown against Pitt last night, so rather than attempt to come up with some drivel to help you get through your Thursday, we're going to cut to the chase and hand out hardware to those most deserving...   

The only thing with a Georgetown logo in the Arena not firing blanks. 

The Chris Wright Heart of a Champion Award:
Chris Wright.  Because he has the heart of a champion.  It's a damn shame championships aren't award for heart alone, because Chris Wright would win.  He has a great heart - he should win a championship for it.  GOOD GOD HOW COULD THE HOYAS LAY AN EGG IN A GAME LIKE THIS.

More Awards after The Jump

Craig Esherick Award for Aggravating Coaching:
The first timeout Georgetown took in the first half was at the 5 minute mark, after Pitt had built a 15 point lead.  Before that, the Panthers had a 13-2 run during four minutes of play, which included three Ashton Gibbs three pointers.  One would think that calling a timeout during that onslaught would be a good idea, you know, to prevent Pitt from putting the game away 10 minutes into the game.

Deena Award
To be determined. Jersey Shore looked to be dead after a horribly lame and boring second season but miraculously, Snooki might have saved the day by importing her super-skank friend, Deena. Well, this 3 game skid is the second season of Jersey Shore and it's time for Coach Thompson to find his Deena. After a brutal game against WVU, Freeman at least tried to assert himself and we need him taking at least 10 shots a game and we had solid performances from Wright and Vaughn. Henry gave us a glimpse of being a Deena in the first half, shining with six points and a few boards. And Lubick offers some promise though taking only 2 shots, with 2 of them being 3s is unacceptable in a game like that. The most likely candidate is Jason Clark, and what better place to break free than on a 2 game swing through Jersey?

The I Won't Be Accepting My Pulitzer at McDonough Award:
Mike Wise throwing daggers
in the Washington Post this morning:

"And when one of the most enigmatic of them all, Freeman, appears to have worse body language than a guy whose freshman girlfriend dumped him after three years, and the other, Wright, is in need of a GPS every time he darts toward the hoop, well, that's not a very connected back-court tandem."

One Shining Moment Award:
You know the game is bad when the ONLY thing that made me smile was when the guy behind me told Gary McGhee that he was awesome in Predator.

Pitt is Good Award:
Pitt.  3 turnovers and 15 assists.  You know a team is confident, cohesive, and experienced when they boast a 5:1 assist to TO ratio.  I can't wait for Georgetown to have experienced guards to put up stats like that, oh, wait.

Hoyasincebirth Positivity Award:
Kudos to the students for showing up in full force last night.  Finding ways to cheer last night was hard, but you guys brought it. Special shoutout to the two students on the non-band side dressed as Mario and Luigi.  And of course the Free Moses gents.  Good to know that when all else fails (ie everything on the court), the kids are alright.

Jimmy The Greek Award for Sports-Betting Brilliance: (except for casualhoya). We didn't even need Teddy for this one, but when the yahoos at Vegas posted the first opening line on Tuesday night with Georgetown inexplicably GIVING POINTS this blog, everyone on this blog, was firmly in favor of recommending to all our readers the placement of ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD on Pitt. LOCK OF THE CENTURY. Until the idiot game thread when one member of this blog decided it was a good idea to pick the Hoyas and give the points. Dumbass.

Taste Explosion Award for Most Delicious New Snack at Verizon:
The Pretzel Bites. Absolutely incredible. Some kind of unspeakable combination of dough and butter and salt and SUGAR. YES SUGAR! They are sweet right when you bite into them before you get the taste of salt. How is this even possible? And it's pretzel dough! Covered in butter! Ted Leonsis should win Top Chef!  If only I could give this delicious snack to JuJu; then he would score 50 points and we would win!


The Son of Taste Explosion Award for Most Delicious Beer Selection:
This Concession Stand!  Inexplicably included along with the undrinkable Bud Light we are now able to buy Stella, Bass and some kind of Northern Lights Ale. Incredible! Peroni man I hardly knew ye! And at the next register they had Dos Equis. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And now I will make your head explode: the fancy beer concession stand IS ALSO THE ONE THAT SOLD THE PRETZEL BITES! If the aliens from Halo were to ever attack the earth and reduce the entire planet to rubble while I am at a Georgetown game, my final prayers to the God that has foresaken humanity would be thus: "Oh Lord, in these final moments of mankind, I pray, in your infinite wisdom, that as the Halo aliens destroy the world, through the rubble that there at least exist a small path for me to run from my seat at halftime, while Georgetown is losing to South Florida, to the concession stand that has Stella and Pretzel bites so my last meal before the end times is all I could ever hope it would be. Amen."

The Kids Aren't Alright Award:
Many were clamoring for a lineup consisting of Starks, Sanford, Hollis, Lubick and Sims after the West Virginia game. It was assumed that Georgetown would be just fine without the Hoya Trinity on the floor. That wish was granted last night, and after what seemed like 7 straight turnovers, it'll be okay if fans don't see that lineup again for awhile. Point proven JT3.

Jim Nantz Comment of the Game Award:
Too many entertaining comments in the epic gamethread to select just one, so here are a few that caught my fancy.

never a good sign

when my favorite team is on the tele, and i’m watching the game with one eye and reading a book with the other.

if the hoyas cant be bothered neither can I…

by ghostofjoeybrown on Jan 12, 2011 7:26 PM EST reply actions  

I wonder how JT3 feels

Knowing he’s at most the 4th best coach in the building.

by Hoya Annoya on Jan 12, 2011 7:40 PM EST reply actions   1 recs

This game is going to put a lot of Vegas oddsmakers a few feet into the Nevada desert

by Hoya Annoya on Jan 12, 2011 7:43 PM EST reply actions  

trying to hold it together

but wondering when a game goes from being season-defining to program-defining? Nothing to do with making mistakes. Everything to do with the air of surrender and early capitulation. Somebody walk me back from Casual’s cliff.

can't wait

for the positive postgame prognosis

by The Lorry Michel Backrub on Jan 12, 2011 8:03 PM EST reply actions  


I forgot to Tivo Top Chef. Should I just leave now?

by HectorLuna on Jan 12, 2011 8:16 PM EST via mobile reply actions  

i may stop watching

and go back to WORK

by onceahoya on Jan 12, 2011 8:24 PM EST up reply actions  


Didn’t even want his box tonight. This is just sad.

they are good kids

and we wish them well. but this is a hot mess. coach included.

by The Lorry Michel Backrub on Jan 12, 2011 8:37 PM EST reply actions  

Bobby Knight has ceased watching the game

and is now entertaining himself by making up words. Sweet.

by Hoya Saxual on Jan 12, 2011 8:40 PM EST reply actions  

I just blacked out

Has JTIII been calling the double fist play all game, or is it just me?

by DrewHallsMoustache on Jan 12, 2011 8:43 PM EST reply actions  

Have fun writing the postgame, JGD

I’m not sure I could write more than a few sentences at a time about this team without foaming at the mouth.

by Hoya Annoya on Jan 12, 2011 8:58 PM EST reply actions  

All of you are forgetting one thing

Vegas has us as 3 point favorites. We’re coming back. Vegas can’t be wrong

by SomebodyBuyAustinaSteak on Jan 12, 2011 9:01 PM EST reply actions  

Taylor swift if the only sweet voice that can heal this battered soul.

I hope Wright and Freeman are ready for NBA-North Korea.

by RileysDressLikeAHoyaJersey on Jan 12, 2011 9:46 PM EST via mobile reply actions  

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels Award:
Ashton Gibbs. Just when the Hoyas sucked fans back in, down 11 with 5 minutes to go, Gibbs drilled a three right in Jerrelle Benimon's grill. What a dick.

Rasheed Wallace Technical Foul Award:
Not the Georgetown Hoyas. One would think that if you're getting blown out on your home floor, maybe a coach or senior captain would get T'd up to change the momentum. Nope, not us.

John Cahill Award for Terrible Officiating:
The entire crew last night.  Way too many whistles on both ends for a Big East game.  The refs called 10 fouls between the 12 and 7 minute marks of the game.  That is pretty much a foul on every damn possession.  Absolutely disrupted the flow of the game and any shot of a comeback (delusional alert) that Georgetown had.

Bring It On Award:
Is there any reason that the women's lacrosse team hasn't tried out to be cheerleaders? Apparently they won a championship or something but I can assure you that every red blooded American male in the building was pleased with the stretch pants and boots combo.

Bring It On 2 Award:
For those lucky enough to see Duke get their asses handed to them, you also saw the FSU cheerleaders. Jenn Sterger is an insufferable fool but there is some talent in Tallahassee.

Charles Oakley Enforcer Award:
Not the Georgetown Hoyas. One would think that if you're getting blown out on your home floor, maybe a guy like Jerrelle Benimon would pop Gibbs or Wanamaker in the mouth with an elbow. Nope, not us.

Twist The Knife Award:
Last night's game was horrible. What made it even worse was hearing Bobby Knight, who will now be known as Senile Bobby Knight, call Pittsburgh "Syracuse" in excess of five times. It's like he was predicting the future, a thrashing at the hands of Syracuse, before we even play them.

We Really Miss Greg Monroe Award:
The Georgetown Hoyas. Wow, anyone saying that we were a better team without the smooth lefty is eating some crow right now. This offense is a joke without a talented big man. What's even more depressing is knowing there isn't an ultra-talented big man in the pipeline for a while.

The Hey, Speaking of Greg Monroe...Award:
Monroe has put up four consecutive double doubles and made his debut in the Pistions starting lineup last night.  Monroe's fourth straight double-double was a feat that hadn't been accomplished by a Pistons rookie since Terry Tyler in 1978-79. 

Christmas Story Award:
Stealing a line from OldHoya, there's an Italian word for this team: FRAGILE. For whatever reason, when things go wrong, the players appear to internalize everything. Sure, Duke's corny huddle at every free throw gets annoying but it ultimately engenders a sense of team. Chris Wright does his best to fire guys up but it really doesn't seem to be in their character. When things go south, they need to regroup and it's time for them to have a legit come-to-Jesus team meeting

Document Your Verizon Center Concessions Award:

 $10 for this buffalo chicken and fries abomination 

Tale of Two Halves
Did anyone look at the boxscore? Georgetown won the second half! Of course, this was after digging a 17 point hole in the first. There's some cliche to it but if this team could string things together for a full game, they could really be in a position to turn things around.

Million Dollar Drop Award
Yes, that show sucks but kudos to the Georgetown promotion dude for trying enough different games that we actually found a few entertaining ones. The Georgetown Shuffle is outlandish and basically a guessing game but the crowd actually watches and tries to help out. And last night's math question (showing photos of Ewing and Sapp, with jersey numbers removed and asking the difference between the numbers) actually required some knowledge of Georgetown's history.

Ole! Award
Chipotle. Who knew that those were actual burritos? Thankfully, the girl next to me received one and powered through it. We at CasualHoya would have preferred barbacoa but we take off our sombreros for any Mexican food, let alone free chicken burritos.


The Most Stubborn Man In The World Award:
John Thompson III. How many consecutive Big East games can we lose before we change our starting lineup? Playing three guards under 6'3" and a beanpole 6'7" dude at the four isn't going to work. It's like he wants fans to live through 2008-2009 again.

Champagne on Ice Award: was supposed to celebrate its 2,000,000th page view along with a Georgetown win last night, but alas the team didn't cooperate.  Special thanks to all of our readers for helping us surge past 2,000,000, especially since we'll be lucky to get to the next milestone at the rate this team is going. 

Long Overdue Apology Award:
DaJuan Summers and Jessie Sapp deserve an apology. Those two were the perceived scapegoats of our last epic collapse, but they don't deserve to be. Clearly, the problem was way more widespread than just two guys. Oh, and they won two Big East titles and went to a Final Four.

Hey, it's Patrick Ewing! Award:

Patrick Ewing watching his pupil Dwight Howard show off his absurd shoulder muscles

Ewing taking notes while white devil JJ Redick gets ready to hoist another airball

National Geographic Award for In-Game Photography:







So Cynical It's Delusional Award:
This: the Hoyas missed eleven free throws, shot 38 percent percent from the field (25 percent from three) and their vaunted guards combined for a total of 31 points. And yet still late in the second half we were one possession, one bad call, one lousy turnover, one sunk shot from making a game of it against a vaunted top-five opponent.  That loss was closer than the score would have you believe, for as much as the first half was an utter rolling-out-of-the-rim, missed-free-throw debacle, the team showed heart in the second half to make a meager game of it and outscore Jamie Dixon's well-dyed bouffant. This team still has something and this blog is not yet going to count it out. Listen to Jesse Sapp, kids:

YoungSapp6 when ur at the bottom.. You only have 2 options... Give up and stay there or u can get better and go to the top..#istillbelieve #Hoyas

CasualHoya still believes.

Gratuitous Picture of 
Minka Kelly Doing Nice Things in Motion Award:
Minka Kelly Doing Nice Things in Motion

The Georgetown Hoyas are a nationally ranked powerhouse. (Until Monday, at least.) 

Rutgers is NeXt.

Kill me now.