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Greg Monroe Fitting In and Standing Out in Detroit

With the NBA pre-season tipping off in less than a week, former Hoya big man Greg Monroe is beginning to receive a lot of attention.  If you haven't read tjarks post on why Monroe was a steal in the 2010 NBA draft, do so immediately, it is a great read.

The Detroit News just published a piece on Monroe, discussing his rapid development since being selected by the Pistons with the 7th pick.  

(More on Monroe after the Draft)

In the interview, Monroe displays the same attitude he showed at Georgetown, disregarding personal stats for team successes.  Ben Wallace, who has taken Monroe under his wing, had the following to say about the humble giant:

"He's one of those guys that doesn't mind coming in and doing the work.  It's always good to work with guys that are willing to listen and don't mind working."

Piston Coach John Kuester isn't willing to allot playing time just yet but is mindful of all that Monroe can contribute on the court.  The articles states:

Less than a week into camp, Monroe's shown enough on defense to earn Kuester's vote of confidence.

Not bad for a player who was fifth in the Big East in steals (1.8) and eighth in blocks (1.5) last season. He also averaged nearly four assists a game and had a string of 17 consecutive games in which he scored in double figures.

The professional success of Monroe is particularly important for Georgetown, as he is the highest rated recruit Thompson the Third has landed and much has been said about how the Georgetown offense limited his growth.  Despite having five players drafted in the past four years, Georgetown's offense still carries the puzzling stigma that it inhibits development, despite the many statements by commentators and teammates saying otherwise.  The professional success of Monroe can be used to recruit future big men looking to develop and display their game in an offense that emphasizes all skills for all positions.