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Announcing the Casual Summer Headband Series SWEET SIXTEEN

After three long months of travelling the globe and documenting headbands in the most casual of places, the moment has arrived for our readers to square off against each other in the first ever Casual Summer Headband Series Tournament.  THIS IS THE FIRST CASUAL SUMMER HEADBAND SERIES TOURNAMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, SO PAY ATTENTION.

We have ranked and seeded the sixteen entries, based on KenPom ratings of course, and now it is up to you, loyal reader, to determine the champion.  As heroically stated months ago, the winner will receive a free night of boozing, which may or may not be a box of wine and four Solo cups.  Let the games begin:

The bracket, as determined by a panel of Casual dignitaries (click to expand)

(Schedule and Entries after the Jump)

Each weekday morning, begininng next Tuesday, September 7th, we will post a matchup and ask you to vote on the best headband entry.  Polls open at 9am and close at 5pm.  We reserve the right to end any poll immediately if we deem there to be any type of voter fraud or wadetandy internet wizardry.  Yes, that is absolutely an idle threat.  Here is the schedule:

Jersey Shore Region:
Tue. 9/7 - #1 The Womb vs. #4 Boston
Wed, 9/8 - #2 Versailles vs. #3 London

Verizon Center Region:
Thu. 9/9 - #1 The World Cup vs. #4 Spain
Fri. 9/10 - #2 Shark Attack vs. #3 

Mother's Basement Region:
Mon. 9/13 - #1 European Vacation vs. #4 Scranton, PA
Tue. 9/14 - #2 Cape Cod vs. #3 
Amalfi Coast

Irish Channel Pub Region:
Wed. 9/15 - #1 Prague vs. #4 Slovenia
Thu. 9/16 - #2 Virgin Islands vs. #3 

Regional Championships:
Fri. 9/17 - Jersey Shore
Mon. 9/20 - Verizon Center
Tue. 9/21 - Mother's Basement
Wed. 9/22 - Irish Channel Pub

Casual Semi Finals:
Thu. 9/23 - Jersey Shore vs. Mother's Basement
Fri. 9/24 - Verizon Center vs. Irish Channel Pub

Casual Headbands Championship:
Mon. 9/27 - Supreme Casualness Will Be Determined

Godspeed and Hoya Saxa.