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Should Georgetown Ban Twitter?

Latest news coming out of Georgetown Junior College, sometimes referred to as Villanova, is that the Athletic Department has banned basketball players from using Twitter during the season. This is hardly a novel idea, as both North Carolina and Miami have implemented similar measures in the past month and the NFL has banned tweeting before and after games, but it certainly advances the anti-Twitter movement growing in many sports programs and franchises. Is Twitter a nuisance or harmless means of communicating?

The question that immediately comes to mind is whether Georgetown, a program famous for secrecy and Hoya Paranoia, should limit the Twitter use of athletes. Some here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have certainly enjoyed interacting with the players (here, here, here and here) in 140 characters or less, but is it a good thing for the program? Should the thoughts, hopes, fears and grammatical errors of players be plainly visible for anyone and everyone to see? I for one never liked the interactions, but we pose the question to you: