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It's Over: "The Womb" Wins Casual Headband Series Contest

What started out as a small contest back in May to promote THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON brand across the world has finally ended.  And after transforming the planet into a multicultural feeding frenzy of Casual Headband upside, The Womb has emerged as the Champion of the 1st ever Casual Summer Headband Series Contest.  


More Casual Headbands after The Jump:

After submissions of Casual Headbands from all corners of the Earth spanning 4 continents and HUNDREDS OF NATIONS, the contest was by all measures a triumphant success.  The Africa-produced entries the Victoria Falls, the World Cup, and a Shark Attack joined our great ally Israel in Casual Competition.  Old enemies Great Britain and France battled in early rounds against fellow European countries The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Spain.  Picturesque venues such as the Amalfi Coast and the Virgin Islands waged war against equally idyllic settings such as Cape Cod and sleazy bars in London.  But all were upstaged by the precious innocence of a newborn baby.

Just because the 2010 Casual Headband contest has ended it does not mean that you can return the Headbands to your sock drawers next to your wads of tissues and lube.  To the contrary, you should still bring the Headbands with you wherever you go and document the crap out of them.  GET AHEAD OF THE GAME.  And as your trusty Board of Gimps puts its collective head together to think up the next Casual Promotional Item for our legion of followers and tries to think of what the hell to write about for the next month, let's take one more look at the winning entry and HAIL THE WOMB one final time.

The contest ends where we all begin.