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Georgetown Offers Ryan Arcidiacono, Guard from Class of 2012

Adam Zagoria is reporting that Georgetown has offered a scholarship to Ryan Arcidiacono, a point guard from Langhorne, PA.  Arcidiacono, listed at 6'4'', 180lb, is ranked as the 45th best player and 7th best guard in the Class of 2012 by Rivals.

Ryan Arcidiacono Highlight Reel

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ESPN had the following to say about the gent:

There may not be another point guard in the country who can match Arcidiacano's combination of tools and basketball savvy. His unwavering confidence is a double edged sword because it is a big part of what makes so good and also his biggest weakness.

To date, he has netted offers from Villanova, Georgetown, Boston College, Notre Dame, Wake Forest and others.  Zagoria reports that Kansas, UNC and Pittsburgh are showing interest.

Too early to tell anything at this point, but Thompson the Third and staff are certainly in front of the top players from the Class of 2012.  Whether that means we are poised for a great recruiting class or future disappointment has yet to be determined.  I haven't given up hope for a solid recruiting class in 2011 and certainly expect big things from the Class of 2012.  Yes, I am aware that I am delusional.