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Do You Remain Ready for Autumn Sports, Namely Football?

The undefeated juggernaut that is The Georgetown Hoyas Football Team rolls on this evening at 6pm when they are sure to crush Lafayette by 50 points.  Apparently, if you subscribe to that ESPN3 thing, you can watch it on your computer like they probably watch college sports on Star Trek.  I do not have that technology from the future.

What I DO HAVE from the future is an exclusive, advance-copy of Madden 2012, the cover of which is graced by your own Georgetown Hoyas who, at that point in the future, have just completed an unprecedented 25-win season and defeated Alabama and Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. AT THE SAME TIME.

Available next year for $59.99. Reserve your copy today!

I believe more strongly this year in the absolute certainty of the Georgetown Football team's undefeated success than I have believed in anything since I knew for a fact that there was no way Ohio University would possibly win a single NCAA tournament game.

UPDATE:  ESPN3 has pulled the feed of the Georgetown game from their website, out of fear that the entire system would crumble when billions of Hoya fans log on at 6pm.