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Casual Fantasy Football: OPEN FORUM

Have you, like EVERYONE ELSE, been wasting your firm's precious dollars by spending time over the past few weeks doing "research" for your fantasy football draft? If the answer is yes, today you've come to the right place.

In yet another effort by our Board of Gimps to give something back to our readers, today THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON is shifting gears and dedicating this space to help you win your fantasy football league this season. Whether it be a league with big money on the line, a league with your buddies for bragging rights, or a lame office league set up so you have something to talk about while you wait to get your morning caffeine fix, we're here today to answer ALL of your questions about this season's crop of players.

Fantasy Football OPEN FORUM after The Jump:

Feel free to use the comments section to ask us anything fantasy football related. Should you be taking Chris Johnson with the #1 pick? Is Larry Fitzgerald even a top 10 receiver with the Matt Leinart - Derek Anderson Show behind center? Who is a value running back in the later rounds? In the words of The Rock, JUST BRING IT.

And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Just stupid people.

The floor is yours.