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ESPN Goes In Depth About Georgetown

The worldwide leader had a pretty comprehensive preview on its ESPN Insider this week.  For those of you that aren't rich enough to afford it, well I am.  And today I am feeling generous, so I'll let you peasants read it as well.  The article begins with a paragraph that I wish I was good enough to write:

The explanation lies in Paradox No. 2: Next season, Big Man U's big men on campus will all measure under 6-foot-4.

Concise, to the point, about Georgetown basketball.  It's like the exact opposite of everything CasualHoya writes.

After The Jump see more nuggets about the upcoming year, including scouting reports on the incoming freshmen.

(Did I cut and paste the ESPN Insider piece to make you happy? YES.  Did ESPN send me an email to immediately take it down?  YES.)

Nate Lubick:

"Nate is a big, aggressive, rugged, physical presence," Thompson said. "He's a Big East big man who has an edge to him, an aggressiveness that our team needs. I think he'll bring that to the table from day one."

The Kenner League reports I read on HoyaTalk aren't as glowing as JT3 is, but then again, Kenner League isn't exactly Big East basketball quality play. 

Moses Abraham:

"He's a bit raw, but he has no preconceived notions about how the game should be played," Thompson said. "I think that's refreshing and I'm excited to work with him."

Translation - he's not playing til junior year at the earliest.  Hopefully he runs better than a freshman Roy Hibbert, who resembled a baby deer with broken legs when trying to get up and down the court.

Markel Starks:

"He's instant offense off the bench," Freeman said of the player who has already acquired the handle "The Stark Plug" from the GU faithful.

The Stark Plug?  Really?  What about Stark Attack? Jump the Stark? Starky Stark and the Funky Bunch?  A Stark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar for my Dashboard Confessional homies out there?

Aaron Bowen:

"Aaron reminds me of a player we had a few years back, Darrel Owens," John Thompson said. "Hopefully when practices start, he keeps reminding me of Darrel."

I wonder if Aaron would have missed the game winning three against Florida in 2006, which allowed Joakim Noah to become a household name?  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU DID DARREL?

One of the more interesting sections in the article pertained to Hollis Thompson:

Aiding that improvement, Hollis Thompson should get more looks and more opportunities to be a playmaker as the point-forward option in the team's "Prince-town" hybrid offense.

I think Hollis will be important, but I don't see him being the point forward in the offense.  Hopefully he can improve enough to do so, but I see him more like a cuddlier version of a freshman DaJuan Summers.  Summers was a natural 3 that got pushed into being a 4 in his sophomore and junior years, and I'd rather that didn't happen to Hollis.  He is a great shooter and could be a great slashing complement to Austin Freeman on the wing.  He is too skinny and too small to play the 4.  Lubick or Henry Sims have to start and contribute, because if Hollis is the starting 4, we will get absolutely slaughtered on the glass.

The article finishes with a blurb from our favorite bracketologist, Joe Lunardi:

Wright and Freeman, in particular, team up as senior guards for a team that could ride them all the way to April.

I think he just said we're going to the Final Four.  Pack your bags people.