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Georgetown Offers Scholarship to Jabril Trawick

Alex Kline is reporting that Georgetown has offered Jabril Trawick, a 6'6'' guard/forward from the Class of 2011.  Trawick reportedly has offers from TWENTY-FOUR schools.  Northstar Basketball reports:

One player who really helped his stock in the first set of 10 days this July was Jabril Trawick '11 of Abington Friends (PA) and Team Phenom. Trawick, an athletic 6'6 wing, cur rently claims offers from 24 programs: La Salle, Drexel, Penn, Robert Morris, VCU, Northeastern, Delaware, Alabama, Virginia, Florida State, Cincinnati, Marist, Marshall, Charlotte, Murray State, North Carolina State, Wagner, St. Francis (PA), Richmond, UNC-Wilmington, Boston College, Old Dominion, and East Tennessee State. "Not yet. I'll think about [that] after all the basketball is done," said Trawick on whether he has any favorites. Trawick noted that many of the schools have just recently gotten involved and that all of his offers besides Drexel, La Salle, Delaware, and Robert Morris are fairly recent.

Dave Telep of Scout has this to say:

Jabril Trawick, SG/SF, Team Phenom: Need a guy to break someone down, Trawick is a good option. For starters, he's man-strong. There's a Philly toughness to him and when he decides he's going to the rim, he gets his way or goes to the line. We'll watch him again on Sunday but he made a big impression and created buzz with his game.

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I am dropping random third-party facts on Trawick because I have never heard of him, nor do I know why we are recruiting him.  Some thoughts:

  • Was this an actual offer or did a G'town coach just look his way
  • How does one assemble 24 offers without cutting down the list, once?
  • Why are we recruiting a guard from the Class of 2011?  We will have Clark, Sanford, Starks, and Bowen vying for playing time next year.
  • Where are the big men recruits?  Where is news on Christmas, Chol, and O'Bryant?
  • Is this a Nikita and Omar-type player?  The ones we thought were brought on to stay four years and then transferred?
  • Who was the last player we recruited from the Philly area?
  • When was the last time we had a player described as tough?
  • Is the gent in this grainy video the same Jabril Trawick we purportedly offered?  What about this video?
Don't entirely understand the logic behind this offer, hope this isn't a sign that we are losing steam with some of the top players we have been linked with in the Class of 2011.