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Is Connecticut About to Lose Scholarships?

The University of Connecticut is set to respond to allegations of eight major NCAA rules violations this Friday, September 3rd but news of its impending doom is starting to leak, through Twitter of course.  

Hoya prospect Angelo Chol was thought to be considering Georgetown, Louisville, UConn, Arizona, North Carolina and others but recently tweeted that UConn was off his list because they lost all their scholarships.

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While this vague disclosure in 140 characters or less is certainly not definitive, recent occurrences, specifically Ater Majok's sudden departure from Storrs, lead one to believe that the proverbial feces is about to hit the fan.  UConn blog, Yukonnj's Blog, questioned the real reason for Majok's departure and proposed that he is leaving because he will eventually be deemed ineligible due to further recruiting violations.  It states:

The question was: Is Majok leaving UConn voluntarily because he wants to play professionally overseas, or has UConn realized during the course of the investigation that he will be caught up in recruiting violations, and will therefore be ineligible?

All will be revealed on September 3rd, but signs are positive that UConn will finally be severely penalized for its "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance."  Hopefully a post-season ban will be included and Jim Calhoun can take the extra time off to learn the rules of the 508-page manual he is getting paid $13 million over five years to follow.  An abbreviated version can be found here.

(h/t: hoyasincebirth)

UPDATE: Chol recently clarified why he dropped UConn, stating:

"I was notified by my coach that UConn will only have two scholarships left for my class. In that case, they can only bring in one big and one guard. My coach decided that this was not the best situation for me. I fully trust him with my recruiting process."

Big disconnect between his tweet last week and his statement this week, but the latter certainly seems more legitimate.  UConn is set to respond to violations and self-impose sanctions later this week.