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Hoya Hair: Yes, Hoya Hair!

In case the countless requests to DOCUMENT YOUR LUNCH aren't enough to let you in on the secret, the dog days of summer are officially upon us and your intrepid editors are desperately seeking new and entertaining ways to make the day pass.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that our ultimate haircut belongs to none other than Pauly D and we enjoyed learning that Vinny and Ron Ron had to go to a "hood barber" for a proper cut. This begs the question - what's it take to find a good barber and what's been the best/most entertaining hair in Hoya Land?

Take a look at the cuts after the Jump

Georgetown basketball has run the gamut from the ruthlessly imposing shaved head of Michael Graham, to classics like Allen Iverson's fade, the Roy Hibbert mini fro, Jeff Green's braids (these photos are ruthlessly tough to find), and even Esherick's combover. In short, Georgetown has brought it strong but recent years have seen opponents make a comeback with comical 'dos, beginning with the Syracuse twins, Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf and culminating with the most discussed haircut in the Verizon Center, the Mt. St. Mary's Kid N Play tribute.

Hair is such an important topic that Jason Clark took to Twitter to announce his plans:

Bout to hit this barbershop wit my man 100grand @Simsity30

I don't know how they select their shop but I have requirements: a barber pole out front and 'magazines for men' in the waiting area. I've found that this combo ensures the place caters to men. CasualHoya takes a different approach and favors a salon where he gets some sort of massage. Not surprisingly, Jeff Green's Dad is also a salon man. LordNick and Hire Esherick are slobs and prefer to go shaggy.

This leaves a 2 part question for you, loyal reader: what haircut stands out most in your mind and what do you look for in a barbershop (or beauty salon if we haven't frightened the women away yet)?