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Sitting Down With Class of 2011 Big Man Derrell Robertson

Derrell Robertson, a 6'10'', 235lb big man from Mississippi recently sat down with Nolan from Cutting Down Nets.  Robertson did not get much attention until this summer and has already been labeled a sleeper recruit in the Class of 2011.  

Last week we went over a list of big men Georgetown was recruiting.  Since then, both Johnny O'Bryant and and Desmond Hubert have cut the Hoyas from their lists.  [Insert your own frantic cry about seeing some progress in the Class of 2011 here].

(Excepts of the Interview Follow After the Jump)

On his game:

"I feel my summer went very well. I think I improved from the beginning a lot. I improved on areas like rebounding and offensively i did a lot better." As for strengths and areas to improve on, "My strengths right now are that I'm a really good defender, blocking shots. I can dribble, my face up game is getting pretty good. I think I have a lot of strong points to my game."

On schools recruiting him:

Derrell gave me a list of; Georgetown, Mississippi State, Arkansas State, UTEP, Missouri State and Providence. Derrell noted he couldn't recall all of the schools, but, "That's mostly who's been calling."

Derrell has had technical issues with his phone lately preventing contact this past week, but he currently does have one school at the top of the pack, in Georgetown. "Yeah they are my favorite, but I dont know if they're going to offer me yet. They are recruiting me now, though. They've probably been trying to call lately." The connection stems with assistant coach, Robert Kirby a former assistant at Mississippi State. "Yeah i like him, he was at State, I've known him since I was little."

On Georgetown:

"I actually visited them unofficialy in June, they had a little camp going on. I have family up there. I like the campus and the area, the area is great. Probably the best I've seen."... "That's probably one of the main reasons, they develop big men very well."

Read more including Robertson's relationship with fellow Georgetown recruit Rodney Hood here: Derrell Robertson Interview.

What are we waiting on?  A big man that actually wants to come to Georgetown?  Give him an offer.