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2012 Georgetown Prospect Andre Drummond May Play in 2011

Georgetown might be getting a recruiting break?  You cannot be serious...  Andre Drummond, the top player in the Class of 2012 might become one of the top players in the Class of 2011 according to the Hartford Courant.  The paper reports:

Drummond, from Middletown, was at Capital Prep in Hartford before transferring to St. Thomas More in Montville and repeating a grade. He became the first sophomore to play for the postgrad team at More in coach Jere Quinn's 32 years, averaging 14 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks.

Now, with the NCAA having implemented a rule that calls for incoming college freshman to complete all of their core courses and graduate in eight semesters in order to gain eligibility, Drummond has to consider reclassifying yet again. Widely considered the top player in the 2012 class -- and projected by some to be the top pick in the 2013 NBA draft -- Drummond might end up being part of the 2011 class, which could put him on a college campus next year.

Drummond has long stated that he is focusing on his game first, and recruiting afterwards.  This might change as his signing timeline will be expedited if he enrolls in college in 2011.  

(More on Drummond after the Jump)

Rivals ranks Drummond as the #1 player and center in the Class of 2012.  He is a 6'11'', 250lb beast who has already netted offers from Georgetown, Connecticut, Duke, Louisville, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.  Expect more offers to come his way as news spreads of his potential jump to the Class of 2011.  ESPN states:

He simply makes plays that others can't, dunking effortlessly over the top of defenders, flying all over the court, and rotating to block shots from anywhere on the court. He doesn't always make the most of his size when attempting to post up, playing with his elbows at his side instead of getting big on the block. He loves to dunk the ball and will do so whenever possible but also showed a nice touch on a turnaround jumper (although he will need to raise his release point) and made one very impressive reverse pivot rip through move before finishing with a reverse lay-up.

Folks have long chastised Thompson the Third for paying too much attention to Drummond when Georgetown's Class of 2011 has not been filled out, but it looks like Thompson may have been on to something (I certainly hope so since his full-time summer job is to evaluate recruits and my part-time summer job is to pay too much attention to his full-time job). 

The news could also backfire on Georgetown as Connecticut has been long thought to be the favorite for Drummond, him being a Connecticut native and all.  A two-some of Kemba Walker and Andre Drummond would be reminiscent of Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor (sucks for everyone else in the Big East).

Not much good news going around for Georgetown lately so let's focus on the positives and complain later.  Rakeem who?  I want Drummond.