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Campaign Season Not So Kind To Former Hoya Kevin Millen

Ranging from the painfully awful Real Housewives of DC to the boring Top Chef: DC, almost everything in this city comes back to politics.  And Georgetown basketball is no exception to this rule as it has had plenty of exposure to the political beast.  From Big John and Patrick hanging with Ronald Reagan, Zo interning on the Hill, or Obama cheering on the Hoyas, politics and Georgetown go together like peas and carrots.

Therefore, you can't fault Kevin Millen for trying to cash in on the trend, as the former Hoya seamlessly combined Georgetown basketball with politics as he valiantly fought for the every man, woman and child in an attempt to win a House seat outside Memphis (note emphasis on certain adjectives).  Apparently his career average of 2.3 points per game left him with such an affinity for DC that he wanted to move back for another shot.  I'm no political strategist but I find this strange considering how he already has one felony in the District.  Maybe he'd be able to play with the Legends at Kenner!

More on Millen's campaign after the Jump!

Everyone loved his homemade website (sadly is no longer operational but excerpts can be found here) but the man left us with sheer unintentional comic gold with his final email:

Good Morning Everyone,

I will be asking each person to realize what they have done by not voting for Kevin Millen. The first thing you have done is allowed each black constituents to tell white people bow down and apologize to me for slavery, cracker. Secondly, you will be allowing a health care bill that will hurt All Americans, to be instilled in the United States of America. All Republicans in Memphis have turned this Republican Party into the dumbest and weakest Republican Party ever. You have allowed the judicial system to keep violating your constitutional rights. You have allowed the police to keep violating your constitutional rights. I tried to help, but people say it's your first time running for office, that's why I didn't know you. How many people knew Harold Ford Jr.? How many people know Steve Cohen? How many people know any of the city council or the county commissioner? How many people even know any of the judges? Some say you were not on T.V. T.V. is nothing, because I knocked on doors, put out flyers, email all business in Memphis and around the U.S., to try to make Memphis more attract to recruit more business. They said the money issue some Republican spent almost 3 million dollars and still didn't win. They chose a clodpoll for the democratic party and a idiot to win the Republican Party. O'well they want to be a bunch of fa--ots and idiots, you can't change what doesn't want to be changed. You cannot help nothing that does not want to be helped. You can try to hamper a person from moving ahead by telling lies, pulling up signs, and people believing lies to make sure that person does not move ahead. This is why I only had 1199. Life goes on and again, thanks to all the voters whom wanted a serious candidate that was going to stand up for Tennesseans especially Memphians. Since every wants to be experiments in Tennessee, you all have chosen the right two candidates to represent the parties. Yes, you all have chose two experiments, so that they can experiment on you. Memphis City Schools just might do another policy to hamper the youth, because these people enjoy making their youth illiterate. Experiment, extolled xen permitted enourmous rights in massive extrinsic negative times...reread the web page because it's coming down very soon...

There's a lot to make fun of here but truly, crazier words are rarely spoken. An open email to the "crackers" who didn't support him? Is it possible this dude actually got 1199 votes?

Hoya Saxa.