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Johnny O'Bryant "Trims" List - Georgetown, Kentucky, and Kansas Knocked Off

Class of 2011 PF Johnny O'Bryant has trimmed changed his list of schools, according to Rivals.  O'Bryant, who was previously quoted as considering Georgetown, Mississippi, Mississippi State, LSU, Georgia Tech, Kansas and Kentucky, is now listing Maryland, Miami, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, Alabama and LSU as possible suitors.

Yes, O'Bryant trimmed three schools from his list - Georgetown, Kentucky and Kansas, and added three more - Maryland, Alabama and Miami.  Don't understand the logic, but then again, I'm not a 17-year old basketball star.  

As a Georgetown fan, this is certainly disappointing but not surprising.  O'Bryant was a long-shot to begin with and will likely end up being a one-and-done player.  We all hoped new assistant coach Robert Kirby's Mississippi ties could get us into the party but looks like it was not enough.

On the bright side, O'Bryant added two schools, Maryland and Miami, that are also pursuing local big man Mikael Hopkins, who Georgetown has extended an offer to as well.   

UPDATE: In a world where news travels in 140 characters or less, who would ever have thought there would be conflicting reports?  

  • 5:00pm - KYSportsRadio is reporting that O'Bryant did indeed trim his list to four, but doesn't report which schools O'Bryant selected.  
  • 6:00pm - TheRecruitScoop reports that O'Bryant's list included Georgetown.  
  • 6:05pm TheRecruitScoop is now confirming his list does not include Georgetown.
Bottom line: The Internet sucks.