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Where I Come From: How I Became A Georgetown Hoyas Fan

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

So now that we have become the GLOBAL PHENOMENON, we have different corporations begging to sponsor us.  First it was the United States Government that approached us.  Unfortunately, we told them that republicans read Casual Hoya too, so we couldn't let them sponsor us.  Then McDonalds wanted a piece, but we decided their brand wasn't in concert with our healthy living initiatives, so we axed that.  Then Apple asked to be a part of the movement, but we aren't proponents of cutting edge technology.  Finally, EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 gave us an offer we couldn't refuse, so here we are.  The first post in this joint venture details how I became a fan of the Georgetown Hoyas.  There will be more posts throughout the week, so everyone should be very excited.

After The Jump, read the heartwrenching tale that began my fandom of the Hoyas.

Back in the mid-80s I had an Atari 2600 and I remember the year my mom bought me EA Sports College Dunk-A-Thon. It was clearly the most realistic of all the Atari-based basketball games--the brown block signifying Patrick Ewing's head was clearly distinguishable from the white block that was Chris Mullin's head. Anyways, back then I would pick either Georgetown or Syracuse as my team. I was a kid, so didn't really understand the lunacy of alternating between those two teams. I enjoyed eating oranges and carrots so that probably explained Cuse. I think an uncle went to Georgetown. So there you go.

A few months after getting the game I had gotten pretty good at it. I was putting in a few hours a day with my block-shaped Hoyas and Orangemen (remember, this was before Cuse changed and became the ridiculously named "Orange"). I had a pretty solid routine after school: come home, eat some single stuff oreos (double-stuff had not yet been invented), walk my dog Scraps and then get on the Atari until dinner.

Well, it was just an average autumn afternoon and I had finished my after-school snack and I was looking for Scraps so I could give him his walk before hitting the Atari for some serious EA Sports College Dunk-A-Thon. I looked everywhere but couldn't find him, so I went and found my mom in the kitchen. "Mom, where is Scraps?" I asked. "Sit down, honey," she told me, and I sat at the kitchen table.

"Scraps is dead."
"What!" I shouted. "How could this be? I saw him this morning!"
"He was murdered," my mom said. "Scraps was murdered."
I started to cry. "How could this happen?" I said between sobs. "Who did this?"
She grabbed my hand and looked into my crying eyes.
"Jim Boeheim did it," she said. "Jim Boeheim murdered your dog."
I've pretty much been 100 percent Georgetown ever since.