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Casual Summer Headband Series: Keeping it Casual in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!?!?

Well that was a clever little title to draw you in.  This week's entry in the contest that is taking over the globe comes from Scranton, PA - the birthplace of the Syracuse's most famous oompa loompa, Gerry McNamara.

Eat it, Gerry

Why anyone would ever frame a newspaper clipping of Gerry McNamara in high school is beyond me, but this casualite did the bar/restaurant/10th Circle of Hell a favor by bringing along a holy Casual Hoya Headband.

We are now passed the halfway mark in the Casual Summer Headband Series and there are only 7 more entries left until we rely on you, loyal reader, to determine the winner of the first ever Casual Headband Sweet Sixteen.

Also, what did you think of Jersey Shore last night?