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Casual Headband Summer Series: Keeping it Casual in Prague!

Last month we introduced you to the contest that is taking over the world, literally.  Here is this week's entry, from the Czech Republic.

Friday, July 2, 2010:

Antonín Dvořák surely would have been a proponent of the headbands had he not passed away 106 years ago

The above documentation was taken in front of Dvorak Hall in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe, Earth.  The concert hall is one of the oldest in the world and is named after Antonín Dvořák, a rocking composer of Romantic music.  Dvořák is most famous for his New World Symphony, a must have for every iPod workout mix.

(More Prague after the Jump)

In an attempt to prove that QUALITY AND QUANTITY always wins, here are some more headband shots in front of the lovely sights of Prague:

The Dancing House

Hradcany Castle

Charles Bridge


More Prague

Even More Prague

A Different Kind of Red, White & Blue for Independence Day

The Contest:

As Casualites vacation this summer to whereabouts both near and far, we asked them to bring along a Casual Headband and document their travels.  Bouyed by the promise of a free night of partying at the expense of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON, the response thus far has been overwhelming.  Every Friday this summer we are revealing an entry, and the massive contest to determine the ultimate winner will be held around Labor Day.

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