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Top 10 Offseason Storylines for the Georgetown Hoyas

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So it goes.  Our last post in the most fun series we've ever done on this website - the promotion of EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.  If it's in the game, it's in the game.

10.  Who will replace Matt Henry as goofy white assistant coach that JT3 dogs during games?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Henry get bitch slapped by JT3 on multiple occasions last year.  Here's hoping for a solid 2010-2011 campaign from our new white person on the bench du jour.

9.  Has Hollis Thompson gained any weight?

It is important for the Hoyas that Hollis can play the 3 next year and rebound.  For this to happen, he will need to weigh more than 115 pounds soaking wet.

8.  Who will step into play the 4?

Hollis Thompson can't be the starting power forward.  We saw how that worked out for the 2008-2009 Hoyas when DaJuan Summers played out of position.  We need Henry Sims or Nate Lubick to step in and contribute at the 4.

7.  Does Henry Sims have anything in the tank?

We're hoping that the former top recruit has a huge year this year, although early indications from summer league don't sound as promising as we'd like.  We've been on record saying we are huge Hank fans, from his Tweeting to his athletic ability.  Come on big fella.

6.  Can Moses Abraham contribute this year?

It'd be great if the man with the biblical name could give us 10 minutes so that he can spell Julian Vaughn, who wore down late in the season due to excessive minutes last year.

Top 5 after The Jump:

5.  Can Chris Wright lead this team?

Lumpy is one of our two best players, and our point guard.  He also shows the most tangible passion on the court, it just seems like sometimes the rest of the team doesn't listen to him.  Will that change as he becomes a senior?

4.  Will Julian Vaughn rejoin Twitter?

It's been mighty boring without #swagman the last week.

3.  Will we sign some stud 2011 recruits?

Georgetown lost out on Tyrone Johnson and Rakeem Christmas seemed to open his recruiting to everyone in the country, NESCAC schools included.  We need a big signing in the next couple months to take away the sting of missing on Roscoe Smith and Johnson, hopefully Johnny O'Bryant or someone else signs soon.  I don't know much about recruiting.

2.  How has Austin Freeman dealt with his diabetes diagnosis?

Our best player needs to be his best for his senior year.  Hopefully it's all under control come October.

1.  Can this team give a consistent effort night in and night out?

Inconsistency plagued the Hoyas last year.  We beat the two national championship finalists, but lost to Rutgers and Ohio.  Consistency begins with effort in the offseason, and continues into the year.  What you do in July shows up in January.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  You play to win the game.