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Nebraska to the Big Ten?!?! Dominoes Starting to Fall

Various reports are suggesting that Nebraska will defect to the Big Ten in the wake of the Big 12's recent ultimatum to defecate or get off the pot.  The Omaha World-Herald stated this morning:

An executive at a Big 12 school relayed to The World-Herald on Tuesday that he expects Nebraska to become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday.

This could have a huge effect on college athletics as we know it, leading to a drastic reshaping of the conference landscape.  Texas has already made it known that if Nebraska defects, it will leave for the Pac-10 along with the three other Texas and two Oklahoma schools in the Big 12.  The Big 10 in turn could pick up left-behind members of the Big 12, or reach out to Big East football schools in an attempt to expand to 16 teams.  The SEC could take the southern ACC schools, the ACC can pouch the remaining Big East schools, the basketball-only Big East schools can take some Atlantic 10 buddies, the NFL could acquire the Arena Football League, the WBNA sells out to the WWE, so many damn possibilities to consider.

My suggestion is that all conference commissioners should get together and replicate the following video to learn that one small change can have pandemic effects on the entire world.

Or Notre Dame can just join the Big 10 like it should and save everyone from this hassle.