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New CasualHoya Contest! Most Ridiculous Georgetown Memorabilia

In just under 2 hours, Steven Strasburg will surely pitch the third perfect game of this young season thus rejuvenating DC professional sports, serving as a launching pad to a Hall of Fame career, paving the way for an undefeated Redskins season and a scandal-free Arenas summer.

Due to the overwhelming response to our pleas to take headbands on the road with you, we now ask for new documentation - this time the most absurdly out of place Georgetown memorabilia your camera phone can find.

Documentation after The Jump:

For round one, please accept this photo of someone wearing a GERALD RILEY t-shirt to last Friday's Nats game. Was it the only one ever sold? Is it a joke? Does anyone know this person?


Entirely possible that OldHoya wins this contest with his one of a kind sweatshirt.