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Chad Ford on Greg Monroe's Utah Workout

Not much of an article really but ESPN's draft guru, Chad Ford (subscription required), confirms that Monroe has made nice with the folks in the Beehive State.

The incomparable David Falk is limiting Monroe's workouts to those a DeMarcus Cousins or Derrick Favors and that likely ensures that Greg will win the interview portion of the pageant. Remains to be seen, of course, how he'll do in the spelling bee. How many articles do we need to read to know that Monroe is the most talented passer in the draft and has a high basketball IQ?

Super Classified ESPN Insider Garbage After the Jump

The Utah Jazz historically don't do a lot of workouts, often targeting a few players in their draft range and then selecting from that group. But when they do workouts, they do them right. Over the past few days, they've examined some of the best prospects in the draft.

On Friday, they brought in Georgetown big man Greg Monroe for a solo workout. Monroe's agent, David Falk, will let Monroe work out against only Cousins or Favors. Since neither player is projected to be available at No. 9, Monroe went at it alone in Utah.

On Sunday, the Jazz brought in Gordon Hayward, Luke Babbitt, Xavier Henry and Al-Farouq Aminu for a head-to-head workout of the four best swingmen in Utah's draft range.

The Jazz don't have any other high-profile workouts scheduled. Glean from that what you will, but I think it's safe to say those are the five prospects the Jazz are considering at No. 9. Monroe fits a big need if Carlos Boozer leaves this summer. Henry, Babbitt, Hayward and Aminu all fill a void left by Kyle Korver hitting free agency.

From the sound of things, Monroe is still atop the Jazz's list. But it seems like Babbitt is strongly in the running, too. The Jazz have been higher on Babbitt than most all year. The rest of the league is playing catch-up to what Utah was saying in January.