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SB Nation DC Launch Party - Get Free Stuff - Pester SBN Overlords for More Headbands


Depending on your location, many of you may have noticed an invitation on the right side of the blog to the "Inaugural SB Nation Meet-Up.".  The event will be held this evening at the Iron Horse Tap Room in Chinatown, from 6pm to 8pm.  The event marks the launch of the SB Nation DC Regional Site, the home to everything you need to know about DC sports.

I don't really know many details about the event other than that there will be drink and food specials, and free crap.  And it will be an opportunity to ask our overlords at SBN for more awesome headbands, since the forty pound shipment I received a few months ago has been fully depleted.

What: Casual Party with DC sports fans
Where: Iron Horse Tap Room, 507 7th St. NW 
When: Tonight, 6pm - 8pm
Why: Reason to leave mothers' basements

Wear your headband.