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MonroeWatch 2K10: Reports from the Work Out with the Sacramento Kings

Reports are coming out about Greg Mornroe's recent workout with the Sacramento Kings.  The Sacramento Bee reports that Monroe himself stated that the work out went well, despite having no objective criteria to base it off of.  Groundbreaking journalism, I know.

More importantly, Kings bloggers/fans/coaches see the value of using Monroe as the center of the offense, similar to how Georgetown utilized Monroe the last two seasons.

Paul Westphal liked the idea of running offense through Spencer Hawes last season, so Monroe sounds like he'd fit on the Kings.

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The report also discusses Georgetown, its big man legacy, and the tutelage Monroe received from Hoya legends while on the Hilltop.  With regards to John Thompson Jr.'s presence in the Georgetown program, Monroe states:

"It's extra motivation.  Big John being around always has a tip or two to tell you. And Coach Thompson is learning everything from his father...there's a lot you can learn."

Monroe said he spoke with Mourning during the season but Mutombo and "Big Pat" are busy, Ewing is an assistant coach with Orlando while Mutombo stays busy with his many charitable works.

Sacramento has the fifth pick in this year's draft.