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Big East Schedule Announced - Home-and-Home Tradition with Syracuse Continues

The Big East has announced matchups for the 2010-2011 season.  Listed below are the conference home games for Georgetown:

  • Cincinnati - Born ready-less
  • DePaul - Hopefully this is the Spring Break game, like in 2008-09
  • Louisville - Finally get to yell Karen Sypher comments
  • Marquette - Revenge for loss at Bradley Center
  • Pittsburgh - Always have epic home matches with them
  • Providence - Yawner
  • St. John's - Home/home, NY alums get to see Garden game
  • Syracuse - Praying this is a weekend game
  • West Virginia - Embarrassed us in our last home game against them

Georgetown will play home-and-home series with Cincinnati, St. John's and Syracuse, easier than last year's Syracuse, Villanova and Rutgers lineup.

The full home schedules for all teams can be found here: BIG EAST Announces 2010-11 Men's Basketball Schedule Matchups.

At first glance, it looks like Villanova has the hardest home-and-home schedule, facing off against Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Rutgers.