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MonroeWatch 2K10 - Where Will Greg Monroe Go?

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The NBA Draft is finally upon us, and for the fourth year in a row, Georgetown has a big man primed for a draft day selection.  In the past three years, Georgetown has had four players selected in the NBA Draft, more than any other Big East team. And with Greg Monroe set to be a lottery pick later this evening, that trend will continue on to next year, when Austin Freeman and Chris Wright go #1 and #2 in the 2011 NBA Draft after leading the Hoyas to a National Championship and set the record for longest Wimbledon match in the world.  

Judging by the below reports, no one has any idea where Greg Monroe will land.  He has been projected as high at #3 to the Nets and as low as #9 to the Jazz, which some have argued will be the best match based on his skill set.  Regardless, Monroe seems content in just being drafted, knowing he is a mere 12 hours away from a guaranteed million dollar payday.

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A deep but flat class - The Globe and Mail
Greg Monroe, centre, Georgetown: It’s a draft that is weighted toward quality big men and Monroe is typical of why in that it’s rare that a 6-foot-11 player who can play power-forward and center and who is considered among the best passers in college basketball, regardless of position. His short-comings include a lack of athleticism and periodic intensity, but a big man with skills is worth the risk which is why it’s considered unlikely he’ll slip past Golden State and No.6.

Warriors leaning towards Udoh? – Warriors Wire - The Press Democrat - Santa Rosa, CA - Archive
If the Kings take Cousins at 5, we’re left with an interesting scenario at No. 6 in Golden State. We’ve had Greg Monroe pegged there for a week, but after a poor workout, the Warriors are now leaning away from Monroe. A plugged in source tells us that Ekpe Udoh is now the favorite to land in Golden State if Cousins and Favors are off the board.

The Canadian Press: Warriors GM Larry Riley looks to draft player to team with Curry for long term
Riley said the traits he is looking for are a strong low-post player, the ability to excel offensively and defensively in pick-and-roll situations, and big guys who can hit an elbow jumper and pass from the post. The player Riley singled out with many of those traits was Georgetown power forward Greg Monroe, who averaged 16.1 points, 9.6 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game as a sophomore at Georgetown. "There's some guys that may not look as great as you watch them play, but they have such a skill that they facilitate things for everyone else. Greg Monroe is one of those guys," Riley said. "Greg Monroe is the best passer in college basketball. He makes people better around him. ... You don't see many big guys who facilitate or who help other people. He does a great job of it."

Pistons have 'big' plans for tonight's NBA draft | | Detroit Free Press
After a monthlong process of workouts, interviews and smoke screens, it's very likely that either Cousins, Georgetown power forward Greg Monroe, Baylor power forward Ekpe Udoh, North Carolina power forward Ed Davis or Wake Forest's Al-Farouq Aminu will don the Pistons' red, white and blue tonight. Kansas center Cole Aldrich is the dark horse candidate.

Experts think Jazz will draft a big guy |
Monroe could be a good fit. Despite his youth, he proved his skills in his first two years at Georgetown and looks NBA-ready. “The [Georgetown] Hoyas run their offense through Monroe, which means the left-hander must have great court vision, be an excellent ball handler, and be a versatile offensive player,” Bleacher Report correspondent Tim Petersen said in a news release. “The Jazz would be a nice fit for Monroe’s skill set. He could easily adapt to Jerry Sloan’s pick-and-roll offense.” Monroe was the first athlete invited to a pre-draft workout for the Jazz. According to, he was named the Big East Rookie of the Year after averaging 12.7 points and 6.5 rebounds. He had a field goal percentage of 57.2 last season, and he started all 65 games in his Hoya career. And he’s familiar with Utah sports — his uncle played football at BYU. “Monroe fits a big need if Carlos Boozer leaves this summer,” ESPN draft analyst Chad Ford said in a news release

Best, worst, riskiest picks in NBA draft - NBA News - FOX Sports on MSN
SUREST THING: Greg Monroe -- He may never materialize as an NBA All-Star and many question both his passion and athleticism, but the skilled ex-Georgetown big man is far too talented and smart not to become a quality NBA starter for the next decade. He’s one of the best passing big men in recent memory and possesses a high basketball IQ -- and is also a terrific teammate. Can he be a franchise-changer? No. But he can make a good team that much better.

Basketball Prospectus | Articles | Drafting by Similarity
Personally, I prefer Monroe's second comp, Andrew Bogut. Hickson is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Before NBA draft, Georgetown's Greg Monroe is trying to ignore the rumor mill
"The offense of Coach Thompson didn't stop me from shooting. I chose not to shoot when I could have," Monroe said. "People make it seem like that's all I want to do is pass, but just like anybody, I want to make that last shot. I think at this level, I'm going to have to make that shot."