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Casual Hoya Announces a Very Special Father's Day Event

"I'm actually taking the day off."

Hello, friends.  All of us here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON hope that you are enjoying this delightful Father's Day of clear skies and 500-degree heat here in the nation's capital.  And to help commemorate this special day, we're going to spend some time focusing on perhaps the only thing more exciting than fast kicking, low scoring and ties: fast-putting, low scoring and an actual victor proclaimed at the end of a sporting event.

That's right, a rogue element of this blog is happy to announce that we will be LIVE-BLOGGING the final round of the U.S. Open at beautiful Pebble Beach.  Starting this afternoon at 5pm, when Tiger Woods approaches the first tee to continue would would be a remarkable comeback for the ages, lordnick and Jeff Green's Dad will bring you all the thrills, chills and spills from the course.

These very nice Nike golf shoes were made for walking. TO VICTORY!

Please join us, won't you?