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Chris Wright Shines at Chris Paul Camp

Anybody else itching for some non World Cup, non Greg Monroe, non expansion, non recruit news?  Me too.

Via Hoops Report:

Among a group of elite players, Georgetown guard Chris Wright stood out. He was a great floor leader and played well in all aspects. He wasn't terrific in the half-court games, but he excelled in the full-court setting. He rebounded the ball well, played solid defense, looked to push the ball on every possession, shot well from the perimeter, and finished exceptionally well at the rim. With Wright coming back to Georgetown for his senior season, losing Monroe may not be as drastic a loss as one would think.

This makes me feel all warm inside.  I felt that one of the main problems with the team last year was there wasn't an unquestioned leader.  Some guys thought it was Wright, others thought it was Monroe, and others thought it was Stepka.  There is no doubt that Wright will be the leader this year, and with his never-say-die attitude and heart, that should make Georgetown fans feel good.

More Chris Wright after the jump

Here is Chris in 5-on-5 action.  He looks really strong and aggressive.  Kyle Singler looks really white.  


And here's Chris being interviewed.  Like all of JT3's players, he is well spoken and thoughtful. 


We're getting closer to Kenner League starting and closer to lordnick not posting again.  All of these things are good things.