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The Vuvuzela Scourge: A Scientific Survey

"Can you hear me now?"

So I was in the Gym this morning, totally wailing on my glutes and pecs, and the building manager and doorman came in to catch a little bit of whatever fast-kicking, low-scoring tie was going down. But their conversation didn't focus on the merits of Slovenia's backfield (or was it Slovakia?) versus New Zealand. No: the discussion was dominated by their shared hatred of the ridiculous vuvuzela, the cursed horns that turn every match into a veritable hornet's nest of annoyance.

I would have joined the chat, but I had a few more reps to go. Instead, I have decided to see how wide-spread are these feelings of vuvuzela-revulsion. And what better way to figure that out, than through the powers of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON's obviously global readership. Behold: a scientific survey: