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Happy Birthday Austin Freeman

Today is a special day for many reasons.  It's the day after Cinco De Mayo.  I'm wearing my favorite tie at work.  Bob Seger, George Clooney, Orson Welles, Tony Blair, Martin Brodeur and Chris Paul were born today.  But most of all, it's the 21st birthday of your friend and my favorite - Austin Freeman.


Read my poem to Austin after The Jump.

Number 15 on the court, number 1 in my heart

Your basketball game is a work of art

Whether up or down, you seem to handle everything fine

What are you drinking tonight - beer, vodka, or wine?


If you go to the Tombs, make sure they treat you well

Do not have a shot called Prairie Fire, it tastes like hell

I hope you get a steak or something delicious like that

Try a filet mignon, it's lean and not riddled with saturated fat


By the time you are 22, I want Georgetown to win it all

I think you will make a lot of money playing basketball

Enjoy your birthday, legal drinks, this summer, and your senior year

Your friends at Casual Hoya will be with you through it all, have no fear

 Now, a message from my pal 50 Cent.


Happy birthday big fella.