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Win Big: Introducing the Casual Summer Headband Series

When we decided on Casual Headbands as the global symbol for the icon known as Casual Hoya, the reason was threefold: 1) we needed some item that we could convince the kids to wear along with their beloved if not nonsensical We Are Georgetown shirts that wouldn't mess up their hair, 2) we needed something that would be easy for both the founders and followers of the Casual way of life to give to others in order to teach the fundamental tenets of Casual (read: Jersey Shore and Double-stuff oreos), and 3) we needed something cheap.

  Casual Victoria Falls.  Yes, that is in ZIMBABWE.  Yes, Zimbabwe is in AFRICA.

As such, the arrival of the Casual headbands was met with great joy from our followers, who celebrated the moment they received their headbands as if granted a new beginning, risking life and limb through violent snowstorms and taking to the bars surrounding Verizon Center in drunken fury, challenging all who crossed their paths to chugging contests and dance-offs.

More Headbands After The Jump:

But that was then.

This weekend brings Memorial Day, the traditional send-off for spring and beckoning of summer, the season in which many take vacations to casual locations all over the world.  For many, these vacations are a well-deserved time to unwind, a time to party, a time to let themselves go.  For us, these vacations present a chance to spread Casual gospel

Today we ask all of you to take your precious Headbands with you on your vacations.  Slip it into your pocket, pack it into your suitcase, dare I say I wear it on your head.  Whether it be a vacation to a place as inane as the fruit section of your local grocery or as exciting as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, we want to see your Casual Headband there. 

So I command you:  Take thine Headbands and descend upon all corners of the Earth.  Document your travels with casual pictures (cell phone pics work) of a casual headband in front of a casual landmark or location and you'll be entered to win a Happy Hour fully paid for by the overflowing coffers of THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON during the 2nd Annual Casual Extravaganza next season.  Not to worry, we will blur out your face so as not to expose your anonymous sacrifice for the greater casual good.  

Casual Magnolia Lane, Augusta National Golf Course.  Augusta, GA.

The world is your oyster. 

The summer is your time. 

The Headband is your seed.

Go Forth.