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Casual Congrats from Casual Celebrities for Casual Milestone


In an attempt to drag this day on even longer, since there is nothing else to write about, we have decided to compile a list of congrats and f*ck offs from our favorites blogs, friends and enemies.

(More Fun After the Jump)

Guy Who Got Us Casual Headbands and SB Nation VP Biz Affairs, Kyle Ragsdale:

Who would have ever thought the worst named site in the SB Nation network would have reached this milestone.  Just goes to show you, marketing people are stupid...

Congrats Andrew and team.  CH has become a daily must read for anyone who considers himself a Hoya fan.  Great work.

Our favorite enemy blogger, Hoya Suxa:

A million pageviews.  That's a pretty impressive feat.  To think, in 47 years of existence, only 750,000 adorable baby kittens have been unnecessarily murdered in the Georgetown Kitten Crushing and Catapult Laboratory in the basement of the Reiss Science Building.  That's blogging expedience, and to outpace the university's primary scientific research deserves the appropriate recognition.
When people write about the friend-enemy-archenemy relationship, the "go to" authority is usually Chuck Klosterman.  I tend to disagree.  I prefer a passage from The Picture of Dorian Gray in which Lord Henry Wotton describes his feelings of friendship and enmity:
"I choose friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects.  A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.  I have not got one who is a fool.  They are all men of some intellectual power, and consequently they all appreciate me.  Is that very vain of me?  I think it is rather vain."
So, congratulations, you pillars of villainy.  And, as worthy and ostensibly uncomely adversaries, a congratulations to me for choosing my enemies so wisely.

SB Nation Community Manager and Hoya Alum, Chris Haines:

Congratulations on this most surprising of accomplishments. Really would say more, but I'm still just kind of speechless because of the surprise. 

SB Nation College Head Honcho, Peter Bean:

Congrats on a huge milestone, guys. Now if you want to do something really useful for me, send me a reminder each March: "Jeff Green is gone, PB. There's absolutely no reason to pick the Hoyas for the Final Four anymore."

Seriously, great job guys

Villanova Blogger, Chris Lane:

"Dwayne McClain, Cocaine, and Hoya Pain" - the only useful thing you've ever done.  Congrats brother!

Favorite Player and Twitter Master, Julian Vaughn:

CH: @jvaughn_22 @simsity30 Casual Hoya hit 1,000,000 page views today. Are you guys proud of us? Any congratulations you'd like to pass on?

JV: @CasualHoya #nochance

SB Nation Founder, Tyler Bleszinski:

I don't know anything that's Casual about a million page views.  You guys are a paradox wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma.  But seriously guys, congratulations.  My life became much happier the day you joined our network because I could stop listen to our Hoya fans in SB Nation management
badgering me.  That and you do a really kick ass job covering Georgetown.

Our Collective Landlords and Mothers:

Get the f*ck out of the basement.  I want to put a gym down there.

Though this motley crew of our loyal followers are most definitely on the "Z-List" and would make a fairly entertaining season of The Surreal Life, we'll take what we can get for now.

You just wait until we reach our 1,000,000th unique visitor. That's when the party really gets rolling.