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We're not ones for self promotion normally, except for here, here, here, and here.  But we thought today of all days would be the time to let you know, oh loyal reader, that we are near a milestone.  As of 9:28 EST last night, we had 997,853 total page views in the history of Casual Hoya.  That means that at some point today, we will have our 1,000,000th page view. 


After The Jump, we celebrate our accomplishment.

When Casual Hoya and Hire Esherick started the blog back in March of 2009, 1,000,000 page views seemed miles away.  Then Twitter happened.  Then MTV released Jersey Shore.  Then President Obama showed up at the Duke game.  Then Georgetown beat Syracuse en route to a Big East Championship appearance.  Then Georgetown lost to Ohio in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  Then Greg Monroe toyed with our hearts for a month.  Now we have #Swagman and #Regularman to provide entertainment until Kenner League.  Through it all, we've had you guys, using your parents' internet connections to comment on our daily nonsense.  Clearly, we could not have gotten to this point without you all, even those of you who lurk on the site but don't comment.  For the five of us, it's been a very rewarding experience, and we appreciate all of you making our work days go just a little faster.  And to the players, without your successes this year we would have never gotten the exposure we did.  We need you guys to keep being good, because if not, like no one will read this site.  Don't use that as motivation to suck please, as enticing as it may sound.

To put in perspective what 1,000,000 page views means, here are some statistics:

  • ESPN's Bill Simmons averages 1,400,000 page views a month.  He is better than us.
  • West Virginia's blog, The Smoking Musket, has 200 total page views.  They are worse than us.
  • Bill Gates is worth $53 billion.  He has 53,000x more money than we have page views.

So sometime today, one of you will be the 1,000,000th page view.  SB Nation is ninja enough that we can find out who the lucky guy or girl is.  When we figure the person out, we will make it public for THE ENTIRE WORLD.  And for our 1,000,000th viewer, you get a round of drinks on us at an Irish Channel pregame next year.  You also get to douse one of those drinks on lordnick's head.  And we will make him wear his douchy cream colored sport coat while you do it.

Thank you for your continued support of the best blog in the world about the Georgetown Hoyas that provides no real statistics or insight whatsoever.