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Director of Basketball Operations Matt Henry Leaves Georgetown


Matt Henry, the last remaining member of Thompson the Third's original staff, has accepted a job as an assistant coach at Mount St. Mary's according to The Washington Post.  He will be joining former Hoyas assistant Robert Burke, who accepted the head coaching position last month.

(More on Henry after the Jump)

Henry was a fan favorite, most known for his rip-roaring jokes at the annual Basketball Banquet.  Views on this departure fall into three buckets:

Chicken Little:

OMFG!?!? Georgetown is losing everyone and the world is ending.


Good to see that Georgetown is able to place staff members in higher positions at other schools.


He left because JTIII was mean to him.

 The reality of the situation is that Henry was probably not being considered for the newly vacated assistant coach position and left for a school that would offer it to him.   Combined with the fact that Video Coordinator Darryl Prue is a strong candidate for the job, Henry could have seen the writing on the wall.

There are now two basketball staff positions open for next fall.