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MonroeWatch 2K10: Monroe Drafted 7th Overall to Detroit Pistons

Continuing our MonroeWatch 2K10 by offering at least one Greg Monroe draft prediction per day until we run out of mock drafts on the internet or our eyes bleed, here's one that has Monroe being shipped to Motown

I'm not sure how fellow Piston DaJuan Summers would react by watching his former teammate play 35+ minutes a night while he picks splinters out of his ass, but that's not my problem.

7. Detroit Pistons – Greg Monroe – Georgetown – 19 yrs old – PF

Detroit Basketball is in big need of some help in the front court and should count their lucky stars if/when Greg Monroe is still around at 7th. Monroe has the potential to be one of those guys that slips to the bottom of the Top 10 and makes teams wish they would have grabbed him earlier. Think Amare Stoudemire in 2002, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce in 1998, Tracy McGrady in 1997, etc. I'm in no way, shape, or form putting Monroe in the class of those superstars, but I do have a feeling that if the G-Town sophomore drops to the 7-10 range of this draft that there are going to be a lot of teams shaking their heads a few years from now when Monroe is having a better career than most in this draft class.