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Stay Classy Cuse - Orange Delinquents Demonstrate "Brilliance"

Since their attempts to prevent Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, from speaking at their graduation were disregarded (shocker!), Syracuse seniors have come up with a new fail-proof plan.  They are going to strip.  The Daily Orange (the name of the student newspaper and a means to get Vitamin C) reports:

Mariel Fiedler will attend commencement. She will wear her cap and gown. She will walk across the stage. She will revel in the fact that four years of hard work has paid off.

And when JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon gets on stage to give his commencement address, she won't say a word in protest. Instead, she'll protest his presence in a silent way - by taking off her robe.

"I'll sit there and listen to him, but I won't be wearing my robe when that happens," Fiedler said.

Fiedler is one of the students leading the Take Back Commencement movement, which has protested the choice of Dimon as the 2010 Syracuse University and State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry commencement speaker. The students originally wanted the university to remove Dimon and choose another speaker. Realizing that wouldn't happen, they decided the best way to protest Dimon was by taking off their robes during his speech.

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So let me get this straight.  Fiedler and others don't want Dimon speaking at their graduation.  So instead of just not attending the ceremony, which seems like the logical move, the Cuse masterminds will remove their robes as a form of utmost defiance.  

The gall of these students?!?!!  Where do they get the nerve!?!?!

One of two things can happen from this premeditated disobedience.  (1) Jamie Dimon is so shocked, appalled and humbled by the actions of these students that he doesn't do a damn thing or (2) Jamie Dimon doesn't do a damn thing.  Here is the logic behind the move:

Dimon would be a great choice for a guest speaker during the academic year, Fiedler said, but the commencement speaker is supposed to bring something special. A commencement address is in a different context than a regular lecture because that speaker is ushering the graduates into the world and inspiring them for the future, she said. By taking off their robes, the students are showing their dissatisfaction with Dimon being the one to usher them into the world, she said.

So what you are saying is that in order to absorb the advice Dimon spews, you need to be wearing a robe?  Therefore, if you aren't wearing the robe, you can't hear him?  No, that doesn't seem right.  Is it that speakers are supposed to only usher graduates wearing robes into the world?  So if you aren't wearing a robe, you can stay in college?  That seems silly too, help me out here, what does a robe have to do with the speech?  And how does taking off a robe do anything but make you less warm and expose your ugly prison orange (actual Crayola term) clothes to the world?

Does anyone get this?  Where are the Cuse trolls, maybe they understand the logic?