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A Tradition Unlike Any Other: The Masters on Casual Hoya

Hello, friends.  I'm Casualhoya and welcome to Casual Hoya's live-blogging of the event of the century.  Today, we'll be guiding you through all 18 holes of Tiger Woods' return to golf at the site that first crowned him a major champion, Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia.  To lead you through the course lined with blossoming azaleas and several strains of dogwood, we have Hire Esherick following the play at hole 7, itsallthatmatters on the course at hole 10, lordnick and Jeff Green's Dad chiming in from Amen Corner, and of course Bobby Clampett on 15.  Every stroke Tiger takes will be documented as it happens right here, on America's most-viewed Georgetown Hoyas hoops site.  Join us.   


Magnolia Lane never looked so good.