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The Summer Coma... Here Is What You Have To Look Forward To

Staring at this will occupy at least one hour of my time today

April 8 - Recruiting contact period starts again.  Ends on April 21 and excludes April 12-15.

April 15The Capital Classic - Watch recruits Nate Lubick, Markel Starks and Moses Abraham play at Bender Arena on the American University campus

April 20Georgetown Basketball Banquet - RSVP by April 16

April 25 - Deadline for players to submit their names for early entry into the 2010 NBA Draft

EDIT: May 8 - Deadline to withdraw name and retain college eligibility (h/t: Vernon Macklin's Free Throw Stroke)

June 14 - Deadline to withdraw names from 2010 NBA Draft

June 24 - 2010 NBA Draft

July 31 - NCAA deadline to opt out of NCAA Tournament broadcast contract with CBS.  Proposed tournament expansion will be settled by this date.


  • Kenner League - last year it started in August, should start earlier this year
  • Conference match-ups - Big East should release conference home and road games in July, the actual dates won't be released until September
  • Out of conference games - released randomly throughout the summer, other schools will announce before out beloved Georgetown
  • Big Ten Expansion - they could take one or more current Big East school.  This will not affect the current season
  • Recruiting - going after a number of big recruits for the Class of 2011
  • Take Verizon Back - we will be writing about different way to help our home court advantage.  The Hoya Hoop Club is slated to discuss the issue over the summer as well
  •  World Cup - analysis, insight and updates from our very own Sir Hoya