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Back by Rigged Popular Demand, Jeff Green's Dad!!


In an absolute debacle, defamed blogger Jeff Green's Dad, suspiciously trounced me in a contest to win back his front page posting privileges.  Most of you were able to see and enjoy the immature humor in yesterday's escapades, and for the few of you that didn't, we'll give you another chance in a couple of weeks when lordnick runs the gauntlet.

(More after the Jump)

Here are a few things we learned yesterday:

  • SB Nation polls are not hacker-proof
  • Jeff Green's Dad knows hackers
  • You can't fool sleepyhoya
  • wadetandy takes salsa lessons
  • My raincoat is both adorable and dorky
  • Duke still sucks
  • JahidiLikesPie and Jeff Green's Dad may actually hate each other
  • CasualHoya sucks
  • SirHoya is both witty and noble
I guess we now go back to speculating about Greg Monroe's status for next year.  I'll start - I heard he is transferring.