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Searching for America's Next Top Georgetown Blogger

Jeff Green's Dad, The Tribe Has Spoken

In light of Jeff Green's Dad's brash, ill-advised, horrendous, shameless and tactless promotion, the Board of Directors of Casual Hoya have decided to suspend his blogging rights for an undetermined amount of time, as we evaluate where this blog went horribly wrong.

As such, we are holding an open audition for America's Next Top Georgetown Blogger.  Write about anything: Georgetown, why Syracuse sucks, Jersey Shore, why Villanova sucks, the World Cup, why Syracuse sucks, Jesse James, why Jeff Green's Dad sucks, etc.  Post entries as a fan post, winners will be determined by a three-legged race.

This is an entry level position, you begin as a Nikita and have the opportunity to work your way up to a JT3.  No salary, no benefits, just a headband, maybe two.  Interesting trades considered.